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If you need help, check this page to see if there is anything which might help you.  Also, you can contact me for additional assistance.





CIA World Fact Book - This is one of the best sites on the internet to help you find out information about various countries.  Use this link to get to  this site -

Online Libraries

Do you need to use a dictionary, encyclopedia, or other reference book?   Use the links to help you.  The Internet Public Library can help you.  Also, if you need help writing a research paper, the IPL has an area to help you.    Another excellent online library is Carrie.   The history information available at Carrie is outstanding.   Wikipedia can be good place to start learning about a topic.    Use these links to reach these sites -

Citation Problems

Are you having problems trying to do a citation correctly?  Use the the Citation Machine to help you.  Use this link to get to this site -  CITATION MACHINE

Need A Book

- Are you looking for a particular book, but do not have time to go to the library?  The Online Book Page has over 35,000 books to choose from.  Use this link to get to this site -


  •  Bay High School Library

  • Many students forget that you can access the online sources at our own library.  You can reach these sources from any computer connected to the web.  Use this link to return to our school homepage and reach the library.  BAY SCHOOL DISTRICT