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In order to learn about WWII, you are going to be giving an oral presentation (100 points) and preparing a slideshow (100 points) to go along with the presentation.  There will be a list of topics to choose from in class.  Everyone will have a different topic.   Also, the class will probably take a matching test over the information contained in the presentations.


Oral Presentation


 For many of you, this is the scariest part.  Your presentation will be a minimum of five (5) minutes and a maximum of eight (8) minutes.  An outline or other written material may used to make the presentation.


You are required to submit a bibliography to me at the conclusion of your presentation.  I expect at least three (3) sources. 


            DO NOT PLAGARIZE.   I want your work.


Students usually make one of two mistakes.  Either they don’t have enough information in the presentation or they put so much it becomes very confusing to the audience.  Remember that your audience (the class) knows nothing about your topic.  It needs to be presented in a logical straight-forward manner.  (Not always easy to do.)


Use this link to see the rubric which I will be using to grade your presentation.  It is important that you understand what I looking for in your presentation.






Your slideshow must be minimum of ten (10 slides) and a maximum of fifteen (15) slides.  The slides must contain the following –


1.         One slide will be the name of your topic and include your name.


2.         One slide will be a geography slide.  You are to explain where your topic is taking place.


3.         The content of the remainder of the slides is up to you.


You are to save your slideshow to the server.  You will have five (5) class periods to work on your slideshow.  By also saving your slideshow to a floppy, you can work on it elsewhere.  However, to work on the slideshow from another location, the computer would have to have a PowerPoint program on it.  You need to plan on completing your slideshow during class.


All slideshows will be in Microsoft PowerPoint.   .  The presentation will be presented in the classroom on the SmartBoard.


 Use this link to see the rubric I will be using to grade your slideshows –



 Some things to remember in preparing a slideshow –


 1.         Some type of outline helps students to understand what you are

 presenting.  I put this on the dry erase board to help you.  However, you can put it into your slideshow.  This is how most Teachers use slideshows.


2.         Don’t make the words in a slideshow too small.  The projector will

be hooked to the computer, but you can still put too much into in.  A slideshow is used to emphasize points, outline an oral  Presentation, and/or make a presentation come alive.


3.         You may use online videos that are primary sources as part of your

 presentation.  However, I must approve them and may increase the minimum time required in your presentation.  If you want to do this, you must talk to me first.


Closing Thoughts

(A)       If you need help, ask.  I am here to guide and help you.  However, I will not do your work for you. 


(B)       You will have time in class so use it wisely. 


(C)       Relax.  If you make a reasonable effort, you will do fine. 


(D)       Practice the oral presentation outside of class.  You will get smoother and lose some of the fear.