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The issue of race relations in this country has been apart of us from the beginning.  These projects are designed to help you have a better understanding of  various aspects of slavery.   You will cover Indian slavery, indentured servants, & African slavery as part of this project.

The following rubric will be used to grade most of the projects - 



LATE POLICY:  Each assignment will have a due date.  If you are not going to be present that day, you must turn in your project ahead of time or make arrangements to have it delivered for you.  If the project is one day late, there will be a 20% deduction in the grade.  No project will be accepted that is more than one day late.  All projects will be done as electronic submissions unless otherwise instructed.

Most of the projects are worth 80 points unless otherwise noted on the assignment. 

CITATION SYSTEM AND REFERENCES:  Each project must use at least four (4)  references or primary sources.   Two of the sources must be primary sources.  There will be some projects where you will not use  references (such as maps and posters).  Ask if you are in doubt.


You will attach a Bibliography to your projects and number each reference.   Place the number of the source in the text of your project as you use the information which you learned from the reference as a parenthetical reference citation.  This is simply a less formal citation system which we have found to be very effective in AP.

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