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This lesson is about slave resistance.  For this assignment, you are to do two projects.  Each one is 40 points.

First, you are to select a negro spiritual from pre-Civil War.  You are to write an essay explaining how this song had a double meaning.  To score well, you must explain specific verses.  When you turn this one in, you are required to attach a copy of the spiritual to make my life a little easier.  I will not accept plagarized work.

Second, you are to make a wanted poster.  This can be for either a run-away slave or slaves involved in a insurrection.  Make sure you include the types of information which would found in a poster of the time period.

Final word - You will need to find some sources outside of those I have provided to do the this assignment.  Also, I hope you find these both interesting and challenging.

Essential Question - How did slaves engage in slave resistance?


Educational Objectives:

1.  Students will learn various types of slave resistance.

2.  Students will learn the role and meaning of Negro spirituals.


1.  NAT TURNER REBELLION - Note the primary sources  discussed at the bottom of this page.

2.  VESEY CONSPIRACY - This struck fear in the south.

3.  FREDERICK DOUGLASS - Part of his speech on revolt.


4.  NEGRO SPIRITUALS - This site will provide information about the hidden meanings found in

    Pre-Civil War negro spirituals.