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Slave Project 5 -Flight to Freedom

During this project, you are going to learn about the Underground Railroad.  However, to begin you need to know about the status of federal laws regarding runaway slaves.  Go to  Wikipedia to learn about the 1793 and 1850 federal laws regarding runaway slaves.


There is a large amount of information available about the Underground Railroad.  I have relied heavily on the PBS site.  Please feel free to use other information.


For this assignment, you are to make believe you are a fugitive slave.  I want you to write your story from escape to freedom.  You will have two weeks to do this assignment.  It is worth 120 points.


You can do this project in a diary form or something similar to the Harriet Jacobs book which you read this summer.  Please note it starts with escape and ends with freedom.  However, you should describe at least 4 distinct events during your run to freedom.


Good luck!.  Do not wait until the last minute.  You will probably regret it.

Essential Question - What were the challenges which runaway slaves experience during their flight to freedom?

Educational Objectives:


1.  You will be able to explain the 1850 Fugitive Slave law.


2.  You will use and define the terminology of the Underground Railroad.


3.  You will demonstrate the dangers the slaves faced even in northern states.


4.  You will be able to describe a route to freedom, within limits.  I will accept a certain amount of generality.




1.  PBS site which describes the underground railroad.


2.  Article about Harriet Tubman.


3.  Levi Coffin ran a station on the underground railroad.


4.  Painting of Runaway Slave & children

5.  Use this interactive National Geographic site to learn about the underground railroad.