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The student protests against both the Vietnam War and the draft are an important part of learning about the impact of the Vietnam War.  For this assignment you will be working with a partner.  You will prepare an interview in which one is a reporter and the other is a college protester.  This will be recorded for a podcast.  You may then use Audacity to add sound effects.


As part of the protest at your college, the protesters will burn the ROTC building.    Also, the protest at your college happened after the Kent State Massacre.  You must include references to Kent State in your editorial.


Common Mistakes.


1.   Do not get hung up on sound effects.  The content is the most important part of your grade.


2.  This interview is not just about Kent State.  It is simply the most famous and had horrible consequences.


3.  Failure to meet the educatonal objectives.


Educational Objectives:


1.         You will describe the types of protests which took place at American colleges.


2.         You will be able to explain what happened at Kent State.


3.         You will know what the ROTC stands for.


4.          You will demonstrate an understanding of what the protesters were trying to accomplish.



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 Listen to these anti-war songs of the Vietnam Era.