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Assignment 4 - The Equal Rights Amendment


This is the final assignment as part of our study of woman's suffrage.   For this assignment, you will need a partner.  While the Equal Rights Amendment is not necessarily a part of the suffrage movement, there are sufficient similarities to warrant making it part of this study.  I recommend you read the following pages in the text book - 985, 986, and 1048.  


Essential Question - Why did the Equal Rights Amendment fail to become part of the United States Constitution?


For this assignment, the teams will record a  interview.  One of you will be the reporter and the other will be the subject of the interview.  The subject may be either for or against adoption of the ERA Amendment.  Always remember the essential question as you are preparing this interview.  Besides answering the essential question, you must include the following  in your interview -

1.       The basic text or idea of the ERA Amendment.


2.       Describe at least two arguments which were advanced both for and against the ERA Amendment.  In other words, you must interview must contain at least four arguments.


3.       Name a leading proponent for and opponent against the ERA Amendment.

4.       A comparison to the arguments which were used both for and against woman's suffrage.  Are the reasons advanced either for or against the adoption of the 19th amendment similar to those used in the debate over the ERA Amendment?

You interview must be written before it can be recorded and will submitted to me to use in grading.  This is a 100 point assignment.  Also, no interview will be recorded unless you have a bibliography.  You must have a minimum of three sources and a minimum of two sources must be primary sources.   Please note any interview not meeting the minimum requirements is simply a zero.  

Good luck!!!  I am here to guide and assist you and to help you understand what it required.