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This project will consist of a series of lessons about The Crusades.  Each weekend I will place an assignment on the internet.  You will have Monday of each week to work on the assignment in the computer lab.  It will be due the following Monday at the start of class.


            Each assignment will have a series of links and you will have to access the links in order to complete the assignment.  Any computer linked to the internet will be able to reach the assignment.  If you need additional computer time at school, check about using a computer after school or at lunch with Mrs. Kesselring.  Also, you can use a computer at the high school library from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Wednesday evening.


            The rubric which I will be using to grade most of the assignments can be found at the following link –




            Each assignment will have a list of educational objectives.  Your completed assignment must meet the educational objectives.


            Assignments are each worth 60 points.  You can turn in an assignment one day late for a reduced grade. 


Links to the Assignments -


Assignment Number 1 -


Assignment Number 2 -


Assignment Number 3 -


Assignment Number 4 -


Assignment Number 5 -


Assignment Number 6 -