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It is time to learn what the Crusades are all about.  While there are several Crusades, we will only learn about the more notable ones.  The year is 1095.  The Holy Land (including Jerusalem) is in the hands of the Moslems.  Pope Urban II issues a call for a Crusade to retake the Holy Land.  By the way, Europe is probably 99% Catholic.  The Protestant Reformation hasn’t happened yet.  The popes are not only religious leaders of Europe, but also an important political leaders.


            Lets start with some general information about the Crusades.  Most of you have indicated this is all new to you.


            1.         Read this short version of what is going on.



            2.         This link has five different versions of Pope Urban II’s call for a crusade.  You only need to read the 2nd version written by Robert the Monk.



            3.         You may be worried what will happen to you if are killed in battle.  The answer can be found at this link.



 Assignment:  You are a knight who has decided to join the first Crusade.  Your assignment is write a letter to your family explaining your decision.  Even if you survive the Crusade, you will gone at least two (2) years.  Your letter must incorporate Educational Objectives into your letter to score points.  There is no word minimum or limit.  Remember this is a letter to your family and it should be written this way.  It is not a report.


Educational Objectives:


1.     Your letter will explain why the Crusades are taking place.


2.      Your letter will list at least two (2) reasons why you have decided to go on the Crusade.


3.     Your letter will comfort your family by explaining to them why it is ok if you die on this Crusade.