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The tank of Crusades was the knight.   Many of you may have seen the movie The Knight’s Tale.  Each knight had a distinctive shield.  Before learning about the Crusades in some detail, you are to design your own shield.


            The size of your shield is up to you.  Also, it can be a drawing on a poster or sheet of white paper.  However, it should be similar to what a knight would have carried in this time period.  You are to include a written reason for your designs and colors.  The colors and charges are symbolic. 


Unlike the other assignments, this one is worth 80 points.


            There is some free software available on the internet which can help you.  However, you can NOT download this software to the school computers.  I do not guarantee any of this software is virus free.


Educational Objectives:


1.         You will be able explain why the knights had unique designs on their shields.


2.         You will be able to define the following terms: (a) charge; (b) herald; (c) coat of arms; (d) tinctures; (e) blazon; and (f) emblazon.


3.         You will be able to state the basic rules of heraldry design.




1.         Use this link to help you learn about the shields.



2.         Use these links to help you design your shield.