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Two of the more unusual events in history are the crusades by children to take the Holy Land by Christian Children.  As you can imagine, these crusades were a failure.


For this assignment, you are to assume that you are either a parent or an older sibling of a child who participated in one of the Children’s Crusade.  You are to prepare a missing child poster which you will post as you are trying to find the missing child.  It is up to you as to how the poster is designed and its components.  For example, it is up to you to determine whether the poster would contain a drawing of the missing child.  (There is no photography during the Middle Ages.)  This is a 60 point assignment.  However, youR poster must incorporate all the educational objectives into your poster.


Educational Objectives –


1.         You will be able to explain why children went on a crusade to retake the Holy Land.


2.         You will be able to list the leaders of the Children’s Crusade.


3.         You will be able to describe the reaction of the church leaders and political leaders to the Children’s Crusades.


4.         You will able to describe what happened to the children.


Links –


1.         Read this brief account of one Crusade which was written in 1212.



2.         This page is actually for some modern paintings.  However, the written information is very good.  Make sure you read the book excerpt from "Deus lo Volt! Chronicle of the Crusades" by Evan S. Connell.



3.         More information about the Children’s Crusades



4.         Excellent site on the Children’s Crusades