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It is time to come to an end of our study of The Crusades.  For you final assignment, you are to create a timeline.   There were many Crusades & different historians have a different number for the major Crusades.  Your   timeline will include 8 Crusades.  The Children's and Peasant's (Yes, the poor tried to take the Jerusalem, too.) Crusades do not count as part of the 8 major Crusades, but you must include them on your timeline.  Therefore, your timeline will have 10 Crusades on it.


There are different ways to arrange your timeline.  Any method is acceptable as long as it is a timeline.


Your timeline will include the following.


1.         The year(s) that each Crusade occurred.


2.         A one sentence summary of what was accomplished by the Crusade.




1.         Use this link to find information on each of the 7 major Crusades.



2.         Chronology of Crusades



3.         Wikipedia – Free encyclopedia, but very good.  Use the first 7 Crusades here.