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For this assignment, you are going to create a broadside.  A broadside is similar to a poster.  You may work with one partner or by yourself.

The first assignment allowed you to learn the arguments which were advanced against granting women the right to vote.  This assignment will help you learn women suffragette's response to these arguments.


Assignment - Create a broadside on behalf of a women's suffrage group.  Your broadside should contain at least three arguments which women suffragette used to justify granting women the right to vote.  Make sure you broadside is historically accurate in both content and appearance.

Essential Question - What were the arguments which were used to justify granting women suffrage?

Use these sources to help you with this assignment.

1.  National Association Woman Suffrage Association.  BROADSIDE

2.  New York State Woman Suffrage Party  BROCHURE

3.  National American Woman Suffrage Assocation  BROADSIDE

4.  National American Woman Suffrage Association  BROADSIDE