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                                                                                  CLASS RULES


1.  Making Up Tests.  If you miss a test, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to make up the test.  You can make up a test on Tuesday or Thursday after school in Mrs. Brown's room.  Tests can be made up at other times during class with special arrangements.

2.  Making Up Homework.  If you need to make up homework, the file folder at the back of the class will contain handouts which you may need.  You will receive a zero for the missed homework grade until you complete the assignment.

3.  Help.  If you need help, just ask.  I am here to help.  After class, you can contact me at either of the following email addresses.  or

4.  Online Submission of Projects and Papers.  AP and American History may be required to submit their projects or other work online.  All submissions are to make at EDMODO.COM     Should you experience a problem, then email your project to