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DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT - You will learn about the Vietnam War by writing various letters, diary entries, etc.   Often,  you will assume various identities which will be described in each assignment. There will be times you will have to invent family members whom you will write about.  You will discuss the events of the Vietnam era as it affects you. 

One class period a week will be used to work on each project.    It is your responsibility to complete this project outside of class.   This page will contain the links and directions for each week’s assignment.  Your assignment will usually be due on Tuesday of the following week.   This web page will be updated each week with links to the next assignment.   ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE SUBMITTED AT EDMODO.


GRADING:   Each project  is worth 80 points.  Also, you can find a copy of the rubric I use to grade the projects on this web site.  Inspite of the rubric, there are certain minimum requirements which must be met.  A failure to meet those requirements will result in a zero.  A plagiarized paper will result in a zero.

OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT:  It is my hope that by doing this you will learn about the pivotal events of the Vietnam War.  However, I want to focus on the social history of the time period too.  Because of this, you will find that the lessons will not be strictly about what happens in Vietnam.  Instead, it will include music, photos, short stories, poetry, etc.


BIBLIOGRAPHY:  You are required to have at least three (3) sources which you use to prepare each project.  Attach a bibliography to your project.   Two of the sources must be primary sources and you are required to use the citation system which you have learned in this class.    Additional sources may be used besides those I have linked.  If you use an individual who served in Vietnam as source, include the person name and when they served in Vietnam.  A project without a bibliography or which does not use the citation system is a zero.

TIMELINE OF VIETNAM WAR:  If you become confused about the sequence of events, use this link to the PBS TIMELINE OF THE VIETNAM WAR.  It is an excellent source.




Advanced Placement/ Concurrent US HistoryTextbook – Chapter 39 Pages 920–921; 934-944


American History  Textbook – Chapter 30.

Use these links to reach the different assignments.


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Vietnam War Project 6  (AP only)


Vietnam War Project - Final Project