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One of the more unfortunate events which happens in the Vietnam War is the My Lai Massacre.   This is an event which help generate anti-war sentiment in the United States. 

For this assignment, you are a former member of the unit which was involved in the My Lai Massacre.  This is not something you have ever discussed with your grandchildren.  One of your grandchildren is studying the history of the Vietnam War in college.  One night you are looking at the syllabus for the course and realize that your grandchild is going to find out that you were a member of the American military unit involved.  You want your grandchild to find out about your involvement from you instead from the class.  Your assignment is write a letter to your grandchild disclosing your involvement.


Essential Question - How does the My Lai Massacre help turn American public support against involvement in the war?


Educational Objectives:

1.         You will be able to describe the My Lai Massacre.

2.         You will be able to explain why American soldiers committed the My Lai Massacre.

3.         You can identify the officers who were charged in the massacre and state what

             punishment  they received.

Links – 

1.   Use this link from PBS to learn about the My Lai Massacre

          PBS - MY LAI

2.         View these actual photos from the massacre which were submitted at trials.



3.         Read the rules of warfare which were issued to American soldiers and had been

            issued to the soldiers involved in the massacre.



4.         Use this link to learn about the trials in this case against American soldiers