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You are the manager of a plantation in South Carolina which has been using American Indians as slaves.  The owner, who lives in England, wants to know why you have decided to quit using American Indians as slaves and have decided to seek a different source for your labor needs.


Your assignment is to write a letter to the owner explaining the reasons that you have decided to stop using American Indians as slaves.  You may not use a moral objection to slavery as part of your reasoning.   This letter is worth 80 points.


Essential Question - Why did English colonists cease to use American Indians as a source of slaves?


Informational Requirements -

(1)  Describe the problems which the English experienced in using American Indians as slaves.

(2)  Describe the alternative source of slaves which the English colonists would start to use and why they would be superior to American Indians as slaves.


1.         This secondary source gives accurate information about INDIAN SLAVERY in the colonies.


2.           This is an excellent ARTICLE about Indian slavery.


3.            This is a link to another ARTICLE about Indian slavery.