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For this project, you are going to write a documents based essay.  The subject you are going to address is whether an indentured servant was a slave.  There is no right answer.   However, you must take a position and then defend it using primary source documents.

You are only allowed to use both primary and secondary source documents.   However, you must use at least 4 primary source documents.  

Essential Question - Is an indentured servant a slave?

Educational Objectives:

 1.  The student will display an indepth understanding of the nuances of being an indentured servant.

 2.  The student utilizes the documents in a way which promotes the understanding of the nuances of being an indentured servant.




1.  There  are five sources found in your reader.  (Pages 65 - 74)


2.   The Virtual Jamestown site has various primary sources, including the results of lawsuit which indentured servants brought trying to seek their freedom.


3.  This is article which deals with punishments which indentured servants received.


4.  Read about the experiences of Richard Frethorne.


 5.   These are links to two indentured servant contracts


6.  These are newspapers ads seeking runaway slaves & indentured servants. You will have to clink on the link to see the ad.