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This assignment contains 2 distinct parts.  First, you are to use the sources to draw the Triangular Trade Route.  Please indicate what would be carried on each leg of the trade route.  (20 points)  This is the easy part.  This part will NOT be submitted on Edmodo.

The second part concerns the Middle Passage.   Your assignment is write a dairy of the events which take place on a mythical voyage of the middle passage.   (80 points)  Your dairy must include the following:


1.     You will take on the role of captain, doctor, or other officer of the ship.  Yep, you are a bad guy.

2.      Your dairy entry must contain at least five (5) entries.  The first entry will start in Africa and the last entry will be in the Caribbean or the southern colonies.


Please do not wait till the last minute.  I think you will regret that decision.


Essential Questions -


(1)  Does the north have a role in perpetuating slavery?


(2)  How do participants in the slave trade view slaves?


 Educational Objectives:


1.   Through the map, the student will demonstrate knowledge of the Triangular Trade Route and the role of the North in slavery.


2.    Students will be able to describe what the Middle Passage is.


3.     Students will be demonstrate an understanding of the horrors of the Middle Passage.


Links to sources:


1.  Use can use these links to learn about the Middle Passage.


3.  These two links are from the PBS series "The Africans".  Read about the Middle Passage as well as the man who wrote Amazing Grace.

4.  Use these link to find primary sources to use.